Adulterous affairs. Glitchy silence. A Drop of blood. 
TERRARISTA TV’s 3rd iteration EROS IS A SORE is shaping a day of workshops, liveperformances, video works, DJ-sets and mixtapes. Gifted with brilliant collaborators we invite,indulge and wallow ourselves to rethink our bitter/sweet/cringe and agonising memories of this dayof awkward emotional desolation.

Time CET Program
12:00 TSCH!

live coding performance by Jaime Alonso Lobato Cardoso
Visual poetry and lyricism are artistic expressions that encode language in different ways than traditional poetry or calligrams, with this aim to renew language and separate it from the semantics of natural languages. In this audiovisual performance, the programming codes that are normally used in live coding are substituted to investigate how does a computer understand poetry?
12:30 The Bore

text by Carl C. Olsson
video and illustrations by Alejandra Montoya and Jolanda Obleser             
The Bore consists of a series of textual fragments; short parables, fables and apophthegms which are themselves part of a larger project that aims to explore the prospect of understanding ourselves as derived from the earth and marooned upon it. In articulating this prospect and its various conditions, the hope is to make it a possible object of intervention and further inquiry: in what ways can such a terrestrial self-cognition be designed and to what ends? What existential troubles and pitfalls loom beyond its horizon? The Bore is intended to inculcate its reader with these questions, compelling them to cognize downwards toward and from themselves. The text of The Bore by Carl C. Olsson will be accompanied with images by Alejandra Montoya and Jolanda Obleser that concretize the soilbound cognition's exercise within a visual purview.
13:00 no kisses, but bites

performance by Aimilia Efthimiou
Aimilia Efthimiou's performance "no kisses, but bites" seeks to question the manner that individuals are damaged through patriarchal structures, while offering an opportunity to poison whatever is destroying these existences with various spells and rituals. Drawing on both personal narratives and folk tradition, Aimilia will use incantations inspired by folk tradition, or other magic practices in order to invite people to cope with desire's impossible horizons.
13:30 Lovesick OST

performance by François Pisapia feat. Federica Partinico
Lovesick OST (2021) is a visual soundtrack with heartbreaking music by CECILIA + Iku + Odile Myrtil + Victor Bongiovanni + Valeda + Denys Goltvenko + Hugo Perina. With original footage from the motion picture Lovesick (2019, dir. with Federica Partinico). It's the story of a melancholic flâneur in a fenced-up town, looking for love and tripping on dreams of plastic Arcadia. Featuring the newly revised slideshow-reading Property Spleen and more.
14:30 Live DJ-Set & Adu Pantun (Poetry Slam)

with Prontaxan
It is a fuse of ice breaking in the disturbance of a party or celebration, by offering basic human needs is to dancing and cheer to escape one’s memory for a moment the restraints of routine and the shackles of the pressures of contemporary society. Based on information disclosure and ease of access to technology, the Yogyakarta-based collective PRONTAXAN uses Youtube as a bible and some MP3 controller devices as a microphone to echo selected track verses. This curation of verses echoed by PRONTAXAN associate to the celebration of the mixing of electronic music, dangdut, campursari and the native sounds of the Archipelago. This mix is more popular we know as Funkot. PRONTAXAN's choice of Funkot offers accuse of music consumption and its relate to the construction of social class.
16:00 - 18:00 On romantic gesture and its restricted objects

workshop by Romy Day Winkel
Romy Day Winkel invites you to join her in making a love token. Through a short reading of the history of this gesture, participants will be asked to enter a guided room-walk in search of a romantic object in their everyday surroundings. They will then work with their found material, think and talk about ways to imitate their meaning, and finally incorporate them in the making and writing of a love token. Registration is open until 12.02. via
18:15 Mixtake Mistape

by Mar.mp3
Kicking off around an hour of tunes that transport us back into the fading memories that’s not there.                        
#mommyx #bittersweet #sillysymphony
19:30 - 21:30 MORNING EXORCISE: dancing ecologies 🌱🐌🦋

workshop by jas lin
grounded in the principles and elements of emergent strategy, “dancing ecologies” is a collective journey through breath, guided meditation, biomimicry movement experiments, and group reflections. what can we learn from the biologically indeterminate shape of fungal networks? how can we inhabit body in a way that honors our interdependence? that re-members what joanna macy calls the “ecological self which recognizes that the world is its body”? this movement workshop is open to all who are in the practice of shaping change towards life & liberation for all becomings. MORNING EXORCISE seeks to inspire the wholeness of all bodies, recognizing the body both as a technology of freedom and site for transformative potential. Registration is open until 12.02. via