When this all collapses, how do we in (re-)developing an organisational  structure, producing visuals and soundtracks Terrarista TV has been exploring the infinite possibilities of imperfect program-making. When this all collapses, how do we interrupts transmissions, plays with the hypothesis, amplifying the void as a space of multiplicity and mutation. As a team that works collaboratively internally and externally, TERRARISTA TV’s team approach is fueled by the act of composing and de-narrating. The structure and the procedure of this iteration has had to defy a stable methodology having to react and swallow many prompts, impetus, and desires that have manifested throughout our conversations. TERRARISTA TV program unfolds as a structure that takes this plurality into account feeding its database.

…auditory brackets as driving curatorial selection patterns

Soundtracks produced by musicians in TERRARISTA’s team will serve as cues that allow curating the content around abstract playlists operating with metaphors, sonic compositions and characters. By overlapping, mimicrying and incorporating stylistic elements of artistic work, mixed media and localities we wish to create an on-site editing mechanism evolving around a sonic structure.

Prescribed to misrepresent this intertextuality aims at evoking that haunting character of time, intuitively vroom, bruiser, false alarm, true lust, echo, birdslow, retrograde jingle, video art blues, ratter, myst pad, ribbon roar, very low drone and cymbal swell become portal-openers that alters, shifts und edit the content within the slot putting the viewer in a constant mode of unsettlement.

The second iteration of TERRARISTA TV was planned to take place during the 2020 edition of the media exhibition of Kassel's Documentary Film and Video Festival, which due to Covid 19 was cancelled in its physical form and moved online.

Consequently, TERRARISTA TV's initial plan to build a physical livestream studio cannot be realised. We continue forward, utilising our website to showcase a one-day program on November 20th.

Starting November, 20th TERRARISTA TV will become a monthly streaming platform - a space for coming together and exploring artistic possibilities that lie within the challenges of second wave fatigue, isolation, and disconnection.

A lot of things remain uncertain.Everything is frequented by gaps and cracks that we try to embrace while moving forward.

Our process of rectifying the format enables TERRARISTA TV to further explore virtual modes of communication and connect through intermediate experiences.

Artists are welcome to send in proposals of work in progress or of existing work. We are accepting entries on an ongoing basis. Proposals that are not selected or sent in after November 15th will be added to the Database and appear in one the upcoming iterations.

Proposals should be submitted to: earthlives2020@protonmail.com